April 19, 2021
April 19, 2021


Synopsis: Nudži, a proofreader from Sarajevo, is determined to change her life and be the first hijab-wearing woman in Europe to finish a half Ironman triathlon. Nudži lost her father, her childhood and her home during the war, but she is determined and optimistic. An empowering journey of redefining Nudži’s life, the obstacles that haters throw at her feet but also good people that are drawn by her optimism and the help she gives others.

Director’s biography: Slađana Lučić has been in journalism for over 20 years. As a student in Croatia she was a contributor to daily newspapers and local TV stations. Soon she began working for the national broadcaster Croatian Television, later continuing at RTL News as a reporter and editor. In the past six years, she has been living in Sarajevo and working as a news editor for Al Jazeera Balkans.