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The Black Iris

The Black Iris is Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film’s symbol, embodied in its awards. Remarkably delicate and nuanced, it is Jordan’s national flower whose complexity and intricacies closely parallel filmmaking processes.  

The iris gets its name from the Greek Goddess Iris, the messenger of the gods, whose flowing veils and coats emulate the petals of the iris. She is known to have traveled the rainbow, carrying messages from the gods to the mortals and has become a symbol of divine inspiration. As such, the Black Iris has come to inspire an array of artists, who dedicated works of art to the beauty of the Black Iris. There is no better symbol than this flower to represent the complexity of the creative process and the inspiration that goes into filmmaking.

The Black Iris is one of the rarest wild flowers in the world. It is found in the plains of Jordan, from Ajloun to the Jordan River. Despite its fragile look, it withstands harsh weather and strong winds, while its deep purple colour represents nobility and royalty. Its nuanced multilayered petals make it unique. The variant colours and layers of the iris echo the multidimensionality of Jordanian terrains that have been used extensively in a series of movies worldwide.

The iris, and with it, the Black Iris Award, has also come to represent the curiosity, faith and hope for a better tomorrow; the curiosity we foster at the Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film, the faith we have in the promising filmmakers and the hope to see them thrive internationally.