A Handful of Dates
August 18, 2021
August 18, 2021

About Separation

Synopsis: Yasmina, a young Egyptian woman, is suddenly called by her Hungarian friend Yoko to assist her with her secret departure from Cairo in the aftermath of an Italian student’s mysterious death. Trying to cope with the tense situation, they spend their last few hours together in denial and anger of their unpleasant reality.

Director’s Biography: Kawthar Younis is an Egyptian filmmaker who studied film directing in Cairo. Her film “A Present from the Past” set a record for audience demand. The film was screened in numerous national and international film festivals and received local and international acclaim from critics such as Jay Weissberg. Younis worked as an assistant director and as a producer in several TV commercials and feature films. Her short film “About Separation” received AFAC funding and participated in FID Marseille. She also co-founded the workshop Sisters in Film for the MENA region, and Two Stories Productions, focusing on short films.