Gaza Mon Amour
August 18, 2021
The October Cedar | LE CÈDRE D’OCTOBRE
August 18, 2021


Synopsis: Diana, a young farmer from a conservative family, lives in the rural villages of the country. During her day off, she and her sisters sit on the rooftop, preparing themselves for a neighbour’s wedding. For Diana, it’s a chance to meet her secret boyfriend. Her mother discovers their relationship, which leads to her entire family finding out. On the third day, all the family’s women ride the truck to go to work on the farm as usual. As Diana’s father requested, her brother takes all the unmarried women with him. He wants them to see it. It is Diana’s last day.

Director’s Biography: Maysoon Hbaidi is a Jordanian film director and screenwriter. Since 2013, she has occupied various roles in several film productions, TV series, and documentaries. Her first short documentary "Sara" got selected at the Short Documentary Competition at the Malmo Arab Film Festival and Palestine Cinema Days as well. Hbaidi is passionate about creating new perspectives and authentic narratives for Arab cinema, dealing with social issues that reflect an honest point of view of filmmakers as members of society.