August 18, 2021
August 18, 2021


Synopsis: Boniface Mwangi is daring and audacious. He’s recognised as Kenya's most provocative photojournalist. But as a father of three young children, these qualities create tremendous turmoil between him and his wife Njeri. When he wants to run for political office, he is forced to choose: country or family?

Director’s Biography: Sam Soko is a film director and producer based in Nairobi who seeks out stories that enable him to engage in socio-political spaces. His work on civic literacy projects in music, non-fiction and fiction has allowed him to connect with artists around the world. He is a co-founder of LBx Africa, a Kenyan production company that produced the 2018 Oscar nominated short fiction film “Watu Wote”. Soko's first feature documentary film, “Softie”, premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2020.