Faithful | De nos frères blessés
August 18, 2021
A Handful of Dates
August 18, 2021

8 Years

Synopsis: Najla is still living in her childhood: the last images in her memory are 8 years old. War, childhood, and passion for cinema, all these phases are mixed in her heart and brain. Nothing can awaken them except Ziad who takes care of her and who decides to use cinema in order to let her memorise and remember one of the turning points in her life: her holy communion.

Director’s Biography: Ziad Mazraani is a photographer, filmmaker, and creative editor based in North Lebanon, with a passion for photography that turned into a career in filmmaking. He has won awards at numerous international photography contests, and his photos were featured in many prestigious international magazines. Moreover, he is a top filter creator for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. He was the runner-up at the Sundance TV Shorts Competition in the MENA region for his short film "Huit Ans" and was officially selected in many festivals. Through his work, he focuses on showcasing the stories of different people with diverse backgrounds.