Their Algeria | Leur Algérie
August 18, 2021
8 Years | 8 Ans
August 18, 2021


Synopsis: 1956. Algeria is a French colony. Fernand and Helene are madly in love. Fernand is an activist, fighting for independence alongside the Algerians. Helene is fighting for Fernand’s life. History will irrevocably change the course of their destiny.

Director’s Biography: Hélier Cisterne was born in 1981 and grew up in Lot, France. During his higher education, he directed his first short “Dehors”. After three other films, he went on to direct his first feature-length film, the award-winning “Vandal”. Afterwards, he directed 9 episodes of the hit TV series “The Bureau”. “Faithful”, is his second feature-length film. He also co-created a mini-series about the origins of the group NTM and the arrival of hip-hop in France, which is currently in production. He is a member of the SRF10 and of the 50/50 collective, which campaigns for equality and diversity in cinema.