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August 18, 2021
A Way Home | Dans La Maison
August 18, 2021

Gevar’s Land

Synopsis: Recently settled with his partner and son in a Reims suburb, Gevar, who has arrived from Syria, has decided to invest in the rental of a small patch of land to grow vegetables. Filmmaker Qutaiba Barhamji films them over four seasons as they settle on this new ground that often rebels against the couple’s hopes.

Director’s Biography: Born in the Damascus suburbs, Qutaiba Barhamji spent his childhood between Syria and Russia, where he studied medicine. In 2005, he settled in Paris and studied film at ESEC. In 2016, he made the short, “Wardé”, coproduced and broadcast by Arte. In parallel, he has worked as an editor on some thirty documentary and fiction films, including “Still Recording” by Saeed Al Batal and Ghiath Ayoub, Fawzi Saleh’s “Poisonous Roses” and ِAbdallah Al-Khatib's “Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege”, which was screened at Cannes Film Festival (2021).