Gevar’s Land
August 18, 2021
Manca Moro
August 18, 2021

A Way Home

Synopsis: After years of separation, the filmmaker renews her relationship with her mother, Aïcha, now suffering from Alzheimer's. From Brussels to Tangiers, the odyssey of a family marked by exile is evoked through discretion and confession, pain, separation, grief, and joy.

Director’s Biography: Karima Saïdi lives in Belgium and is of Moroccan origin. She has worked as an editor for RTBF since 1997. She is also a documentary editor (“Femme taxi à Sidi Bellabes”, “Les damnés de la mer”, “Cheveux rouges et café noir”), and a continuity supervisor for feature films (“Le cochon de Gaza”, “À perdre la raison”, “Adios Carmen”). In 2013, she created “Murmurs et 10 voix”, a series of sound portraits of Moroccan immigrants in Brussels. In 2016, she directed a short documentary, “Aïcha”, an evocation of her mother's death, a prelude to “A Way Home”, her first feature-length documentary.