August 18, 2021
Geisha L.O.V.E
August 18, 2021

Falling into the Summit

Synopsis: A short that discusses life away from home and how it can tempt us away from family and stability. The film revolves around Saleh, who lives in his small hut with his mother, living off the apple tree next to his house. Yet, he always watched the city on the mountain and dreamt of visiting it. When the apple tree loses some of its yield, the city tempts him to leave his mother and his livelihood and head to the city. Once he realises his alienation and longing, he tries to return home, but it’s too late.

Director’s Biography: Aya Radi is an Animation and Multimedia graduate from Jordan. Her first experience with filmmaking was her animated short film, “Falling into the Summit”, which was also her 2020 graduation project for university.