Accreditation – Amman Film Industry Days (AFID)
General Terms & Conditions

The Amman International Film Festival (AIFF) – Awal Film aims, according to its president HRH Princess Rym Ali, to “develop and promote an Arab cinema that reflects the creativity of the region and tackles the issues that are prevalent today”. It is organized under the umbrella of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan.
A precondition of the Amman Film Industry Days (AFID)’s accreditation is the accredited person’s agreement to the participation guidelines. Any breach of the conditions of participation or disregard of its regulations can result in the withdrawal of accreditation and immediate exclusion from all events by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to assert additional rights.

Accreditation inquiries are only processed during the official registration period and according to published deadlines on the AIFF website.
A requirement for AFID’s accreditation approval is proof of professional activity or interest in the film industry.
The submission of an application does not guarantee accreditation, just as an application is not valid as an accreditation for the Festival or for AFID. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject an application.

3. AFID Accreditation
AFID Accreditation is linked to individual persons and non-transferable. It allows access to industry events as outlined on AIFF’s website.
In case of physical events (for local participants only and as per national public regulations in August 2020), a list of approved accredited guests will be available and checked prior to accessing AFID’s venues.

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for accreditation and registration.

There will be no fees for AFID accreditation for the 1st edition taking place in August 2020.

AFID Accreditation does NOT allow access into any of the festival’s screenings. AFID Accreditation holders will need to obtain their screening tickets separately.

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