April 19, 2021
April 19, 2021

Ibrahim: A Fate to Define

Synopsis: In 1987, Lina Alabed’s Palestinian father, Ibrahim, set off on a mission he never came back from. He was a member of the Abu Nidal group, also known as “The Revolutionary Council”. His disappearance was not something that was talked about – until now. The filmmaker chose to create this work as a letter to a father she never really knew, but it is also a warm and personal family tale with temperament and character. The big question remains, how has the father’s disappearance affected the filmmaker’s own life choices.

Director’s biography: Lina Alabed is a Palestinian filmmaker, born in 1980, who graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Damascus University. She worked with Danish directors on a documentary about Palestinian Refugees between Europe and the Middle East in 2009. Her short documentary “Noor Alhuda” was granted the DOX-BOX jury Award as Best Syrian film in 2010. Alabed produced and directed her short documentary film “Damascus my first kiss”, which was broadcast on ARTE TV in 2013. “A Dream of Powerful Monster” is another short documentary by Alabed and was awarded the Jury Prize at the Arab Short Film Festival in Beirut in 2014.