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August 18, 2021
August 18, 2021

Left Foot

Synopsis: “Left Foot” was made by hand; the characters, the environment, and the stop motion process. The film’s motto is “Be satisfied with what you have, perhaps you have what others don’t”.

The film starts with a rich man getting out of his luxury car, standing in his precious clothes in front of a shoeshine. As the shoeshine begins his work, his mind drifts off, imagining himself in the rich man’s shoes, living a life of luxury, until he is shocked to find out that the rich man’s left foot is missing.

Directors’ Biography: Falah Al-Baghdadi, born in Baghdad in 1979, holds a BA in Arabic from Al-Mustansiriya University. He is a screenwriter, creator, animator, photographer and stop motion film director. He wrote several works of art in the fields of cinema, television, theatre and novels. He held several positions, including Member of the Baghdad International Film Festival, and Director of Seven Layers production company. He holds several certificates, including a Certificate of Director from the Iraqi Foundation for the Development of Cinema and Culture, and a Certificate in Television Photography from the Akito Media Training and Development Centre.