Alternative Memory
July 18, 2022
July 18, 2022

My Mother’s Voice | La Voix de ma Mère

Synopsis: I am not lost but I am angry at my mom. I lost it. Confused by my experience, my feelings mark a subtle inner turning point in which I find myself in a sort of interrogation with myself, having only the unconscious and absolute representation that has become my ultimate place of safety. Are my memories real? Or are they merely a movie that I made up for myself? Isn't what I have become just a multitude of mixed voices that are not mine and that shaped me? I am telling you about my constraint, the liberation of which is more and more difficult.

Directors’ Biography: Mourad Hamla is a photographer and director. He seeks to represent the tension of the soul through the gaze of the other in time and in space. He uses the image and the cinema as a base for experimentation. During his career, Mourad Hamla worked as an assistant director and a camera assistant for the documentary film Le marin des montagne and as co-director for the collaborative and experimental international film V.I.T.A.L directed by Thomas Castaing. Hamla made his first documentary Les tissereuses de lien then Les enfants du feu and La voix de ma mère and continued to explore around the image - movement through narrative conceptual videos where reality and fiction meet.