June 28, 2022
Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege
June 28, 2022

Nile Crocodile

Synopsis: An intimate portrait of Abdelatif Abou Heif, an Egyptian long-distance swimmer, seen through the eyes of his long-time friend Nabil Shazli. Based on testimonies and precious archives, the film depicts the journey of Abdelatif Abou Heif in the changing political landscapes of Egypt, starting from his hometown Alexandria and travelling around the world. Abdelatif was not only known for his superpowers as a swimmer but also for his humanity. A charismatic figure famous outside Egypt but mostly forgotten in his home country.

Directors’ Biography: Nabil Shazli developed a passion for cinema; he joined Misr International Films as an executive producer in 1990 where he focused on foreign film and TV drama production in Egypt. Throughout his career he worked on important projects with world renowned filmmakers such as Youssef Chahine, Spike Lee, Michael Haneke, Michèle Gavras, Luc Besson, Radwan El Kashef and Ruba Nada.