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August 17, 2021
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August 17, 2021

Oliver Black

Synopsis: Vendredi, a young black African boy crosses the desert to reach Morocco to pursue the art of the circus. He meets an old white man who wants to go to his granddaughter’s weeding, but lost his camel. They both go on a harsh journey and a very deep relationship grows between them. Finally, the white man sells Vendredi to some mercenaries as a slave, then to ISIS. He becomes Oliver Black.

Director’s Biography: Tawfik Baba is a filmmaker based in Ouarzazate, Morocco. He studied directing and screenwriting in Casablanca. As a teenager he loved writing, and tried to write poems, short stories, and philosophical essays. He worked in many famous film shootings in different departments. In 2013, he received funding from the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre as a screenwriter in a short, “Ten Dollars”. He received the same fund in 2014 for another screenplay for the short, “The Ring”. He wrote and directed his first short, “Epitaph” (2013), followed by “Winter Time” (2013), “Sand Man” (2014), “Routine” (2014), and “Clowns” (2015).