August 18, 2021
Revolutionary Baby
August 18, 2021


Synopsis: The film is inspired by Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters. Two families from the underprivileged class share one housing, the first family consists of the father, Rady, the mother, Ahlam, and their daughter. Everyone turns around the dining table, the child interrupts their conversation and attacks the potatoes and tea quickly, then we find her falling into place and showing symptoms of poisoning while everyone exchanges different looks.

Directors’ Biography: Mohamed El-Badri, Bachelor of Arts in English, is a 27-year-old Egyptian director. Born in 1994, apart from directing, he is a graphic designer and an English translator. He completed a film directing workshop from the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt in 2019. This film is his first cinematic experience, but he has practiced theatre between acting, writing and directing for 15 years. He completed several dramatic workshops in scripting, directing and montage.