The Blue Inmates
June 28, 2022
Costa Brava, Lebanon
June 29, 2022

A Second Life

Synopsis: Gadeha happens to one day fall victim to a car accident and undergo a surgery. Penniless, his mother, receives help from Malika and Moez, a benevolent couple that offers to pay for the hospital fees and provides the destitute family with a roof.

Directors’ Biography: Anis Lassoued obtained his director’s diploma before he shot several documentary films for TV channels. In 2006, he made his first short fiction which won several international awards. In 2012, he shot a fiction Sabbat El Aïd, which won over 30 awards worldwide. Recently, he directed two documentaries Je suis ma République (2021) and Notre Semence (2022). A Second Life is his first feature narrative.